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Sour Diesel could easily appear on a list of the most popular cannabis strains out there. This hybrid has been well known since its conception on the East Coast and has since spread to San Francisco, the Bay Area, and beyond. What is it that makes Sour Diesel such a go-to choice for cannabis consumers, and could it be the right choice for you? Read on to learn more about this strain and what you can expect when consuming it.

Sour Diesel Lineage

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed in New York City in the 1990s, resulting from a cross between Chemdawg and Super Skunk. It brings nearly 90% sativa genetics and the oft-associated energizing high that comes with it, alongside just a touch of indica influence.

Sour Diesel Appearance

The Sour Diesel plant tends to be tall and stalky. It grows fluffy, light green buds with bright orange hairs. Sour Diesel flower tends to be rich in trichomes, wrapping the bud in a crystalline coating of the cannabinoid- and terpene-rich resin glands.

Sour Diesel Compound Profile

Sour Diesel is a moderately potent strain of cannabis, with an average Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of around 19% THC. This strain isn’t likely to overwhelm with its potency, but it can also pack a punch if you consume a lot of it, so take your time. In terms of minor cannabinoids, Sour Diesel generally contains notable levels of Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabinol (CBN), sometimes reaching 2% and 4%, respectively.

When it comes to terpenes, Sour Diesel tends to be caryophyllene-dominant, with high levels of limonene and myrcene accompanying it. This is a common trio in cannabis that offers an energizing, uplifting high along with powerful pain relief and anti-inflammatory potential.

Sour Diesel Smell and Taste

As the name suggests, Sour Diesel has a pungent, gas-like aroma. Expect a heavily skunky smell and a taste to match when consuming this strain. You may also pick up on hints of spice and citrus from Sour Diesel’s complex terpene profile.

How Sour Diesel Makes You Feel

When you consume a Sour Diesel cannabis product, you can expect a boost to your energy and your mood. Perfect for socializing, Sour Diesel is well known for kick-starting conversations and making for a talkative session. Consumers flock to Sour Diesel when they’re looking for stress and anxiety relief or when they just want to boost their mood.

Side effects commonly associated with Sour Diesel include dry mouth and dry eyes, as well as feelings of anxiety. However, you can avoid the worst of these side effects by consuming a small amount at a time and only gradually increasing how much you consume as time goes on. If you do feel unwanted side effects coming on, find a calm, quiet place to relax and keep in mind that these feelings will pass soon.

Cannabis Strains Similar to Sour Diesel

Unable to find Sour Diesel, or just looking to mix things up? These strains might scratch the same itch while providing a unique spin on your next sesh.

  • Strawberry Sour Diesel: As you can guess by the name, this strain shares some genetics with Sour Diesel, with a fruity twist. However, be aware that Strawberry Sour Diesel is often far more potent at an average of 28% THC content, so tread lightly when trying this strain for the first time. 
  • Jet Fuel: If it’s the aroma and flavor of Sour Diesel you’re after, Jet Fuel may be a good choice for you. Sometimes called G6, this pungent diesel strain will check all the right boxes if you’re after that gas-like smell and flavor that Sour Diesel is so well-known for. 
  • Acapulco Gold: This pure sativa landrace strain is a good substitute for Sour Diesel, offering the same burst of energy and caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile. It’s also a moderately potent strain, so consumers with lower tolerance can enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed.

Sour Diesel and More Available At Flore in San Francisco

Whether you live in San Francisco or you’re just visiting, we’ve got top-quality cannabis products available for you at Flore. We believe in sun grown cannabis cultivated by farms in and near Humboldt County, which is famous for producing the very best cannabis in the Golden State. For prime Sour Diesel cannabis products, you can’t beat Flore.

Some of the options you’ll find on our menu include the following:

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Is Sour Diesel Indica or Sativa?

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid with 90% sativa genetics.

Why is Sour Diesel a Popular Strain?

Sour Diesel offers energizing effects that boost mood, making it an excellent choice for socializing with friends or attending events. Many consumers enjoy strains with these effects, which makes Sour Diesel a popular choice.

Does Sour Diesel Help with Pain?

Sour Diesel is useful for pain management because of its moderate THC content and the presence of significant amounts of caryophyllene and myrcene, two terpenes that offer pain-relieving properties.

Is Sour Diesel Potent?

Sour Diesel is moderately potent, making it a good choice for low and high-tolerance consumers. With an average potency of 19% THC content, Sour Diesel is far from the strongest strain out there, but it will still deliver significant effects when consumed.

Terrance Alan

Terrance Alan has over 25 years in government advocacy creating both the San Francisco entertainment commission and the cannabis taskforce. He is co-president of the Castro merchant’s and co-chair of CMAC and C2K, both working on cannabis consumption. He designed, constructed and opened a boutique dispensary in the Castro District of San Francisco called Flore dispensary featuring carefully curated cannabis selections with an emphasis on small Humboldt far grown cannabis, social justice brands, equity brands, women owned brands and operates a compassion distribution program with Sweetleaf Joe.

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