Carefully Curated Cannabis Castro Dispensary

Humboldt-grown cannabis, earth-friendly interiors and compassionate care make Flore Dispensary your recreational and medical cannabis destination in the heart of Castro.

Flore Dispensary Castro, our Church of Cannabis

Why it feels good to shop at Flore

Connecting with your cannabis starts at the farm.

We believe sungrown cannabis sourced from legacy farms in Humboldt County deserve our utmost respect and support. The small-batch farms we work with not only provide our dispensary with fresh and tasty sungrown flower but also maintain rigorous standards for regenerative farming which helps decrease their carbon footprint, invigorate the land and support the families who call historic Humboldt home.

At each step of the way, we consider community.

As a compassionate cannabis dispensary, every farm we work with donates a portion of their cannabis crop so we can provide cannabis to medical patients for little to no cost. Our team is proud to serve the local community through equity programs benefiting those affected by the War on Drugs and engaging with committees that ensure San Francisco’s neighborhoods remain vibrant and progressive.

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Hear From Our Community

Beautiful store with an emphasis on small family farms cultivating some of the best sun grown flowers in the state. Their Flore brand is an incredible value for the quality. Their customer service is truly unique within the industry. You feel welcomed from the check in process until you complete your purchase. A great location, great product and exceptional customer service. 5 stars and more!

-Ruben R.

Best dispensary in San Fran hands down! Staff is awesome and they have the strongest products out. Definitely my #1 go to when I’m in the city.

-Darren O.

Quality Cannabis

Changing the standard of sungrown weed

Entering our Castro dispensary is your ticket to the best weed in the world. Humboldt County is renowned for its multigenerational farms that have learned over decades to harness the power of the NorCal sun and harvest some of the most smokable cannabis you’ve ever experienced.

Despite what some say, we believe sungrown cannabis provides an equally delicious taste and effect compared to indoor grown cannabis and we’re excited to share more sungrown options with our community through Flore’s Humboldt-grown cannabis brand.

Our goal in launching Flore Cannabis was to debunk the misguided notions that most dispensaries teach us about weed. Rather than compare Indica to Sativa, we provide a full terpene analysis to help gauge your experience whether it’s active, creative, chill or sleepy. And with a substantial range of cannabis products from flower, pre-rolls, edibles concentrates, vapes and drinks, there is no doubt you’ll find the best weed for your day in Castro at Flore.

From Humboldt, With Love

Good cannabis always has a story

The story of Flore Dispensary and the cannabis we sell starts with the small-batch legacy farms still thriving in Humboldt County, California.

In today’s legalized cannabis landscape, family farms are in danger of extinction, which is why our dispensary has put emphasis on sourcing cannabis to help keep their traditions and expertise alive.

The farms we partner with not only grow cannabis with incredible quality, but they also possess a pioneering attitude towards their environmental impact. With regenerative farming techniques like regrowing organic materials and using “good bugs” to combat the bad, they’re improving the Humboldt’s land quality and changing the way we consider ethical sungrown cannabis.

In addition to their trailblazing nature, partner farms demonstrate philanthropy of their own by donating to Flore’s compassionate cannabis program which benefits hundreds of Castro medical patients each year.

Castro, Our Home

From Mission to Castro, the city beats within us

The soul of cannabis can be found in the Castro District of northeast San Francisco. This historic LGBTQIA+ district is where two legendary cannabis activists, Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, met at Cafe Flore (across the street from Flore Dispensary) to create the country’s first compassionate cannabis legislation, Prop 215. In that same year, Terrance Alan–founder of Flore Dispensary–opened one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries in The Castro named CHAMP. 

Since Prop 64 was passed making cannabis recreationally legal in California, we look at Flore Dispensary as a continuation of the work that’s been central to our mission for the past 40 years: bring the best of Humboldt-grown cannabis to San Francisco neighborhoods and provide medical patients support through a compassionate care program that helps residents across the city from Hayes Valley, to Soma, Mission District and Castro.

2023 Emerald World Cup Winner

Terrance Alan, a highly respected cannabis activist, has been honored with the Emerald Cup Legacy Award of 2023. Alan is known for his work in advocating for compassionate cannabis care and has been involved in numerous cannabis-related projects throughout his career. Most recently, he was a part of the team that helped write San Francisco’s Prop 64 implementation plan. Additionally, in partnership with Humboldt grower Nate Whittington, he is now owner of Flore Dispensary, where he continues to advocate for cannabis justice.

The Emerald Cup Legacy Award is given to an individual who has significantly contributed to the cannabis industry and community. Alan is a well-deserved recipient of this honor. With his leadership, he will continue advocating for social equity, patient access, and environmental stewardship in the cannabis space.

First Timer’s Guide to Flore Dispensary

Where is Flore Dispensary Castro located?

Flore Dispensary is located in the heart of The Castro, a vibrant and historical neighborhood in San Francisco California. You can find us right off of Market Street in the city, an area with plenty of restaurants, shops and museums to visit after your trip to Flore Dispensary. 

258 Noe Street

San Francisco, California


We serve the following neighborhoods in San Francisco: Hayes Valley, Haight-Ashbury, Castro, Mission and Soma.

Castro Weed Dispensary

We are also conveniently located near some of our favorite local businesses and points of interest, including:


What makes Flore Dispensary Castro different?

Our founder, Terrance Alan, is a legacy dispensary owner that’s had decades of experience working with both medical and recreational cannabis. His vision for Flore Dispensary was to create a compassionate care program which gives back to the Castro and San Francisco community and help people who were adversely affected by the War on Drugs. 

Not only is our mission rooted in compassion, but our store reflects the compassion we have for Humboldt County and the incredible legacy that’s been created around farming cannabis. When you come to Flore Dispensary, you’ll feel like you’ve entered into the redwoods of Northern California, and you’ll be able to find an incredible selection of Emerald Triangle cannabis fresh from the farms of legacy growers.

Can I use a debit card at Flore Dispensary Castro?

Yes, we accept debit cards however we aren’t able to take credit cards. We also accept cash and have an ATM available inside the dispensary. 

Where am I legally allowed to smoke weed in Castro/San Francisco?

California state law prohibits cannabis smoking in public. However, you are legally allowed to smoke on private property (subject to any rules or restrictions set forth by your landlord) but some apartment buildings may also be smoke- and vape-free as part of your lease terms.

Do I need to be a certain age to consume cannabis in Castro?

Only adults of legal age are allowed to enter a store that sells recreational cannabis in California. This means that you must be able to prove that you’re 21 years old or older or 18 with valid medical documentation, so please bring your ID card or driver’s license. Without a valid ID, you won’t be allowed to enter our cannabis stores or buy cannabis products. Being 21 doesn’t mean that you can smoke weed anywhere in the county.

All visitors who wish to view our products must be 21 or older for adult use sales or 18 or older with a valid medical marijuana identification card (MMIC) or doctor’s recommendation. We verify photo identification and medical status at the door.

How much does weed cost at Flore Dispensary Castro?

The prices for cannabis flower and other products vary by location, quantity and product.

At Flore Dispensary Castro, you can purchase a gram of flower starting at $18 and an eighth of flower starting at $25.

We also carry a range of concentrates, edibles, vapes, CBD products, pre-rolls, THC-infused beverages, topicals, pet products, accessories and other products. Prices vary.

How much weed can I legally buy at Flore Dispensary Castro?

California law says recreational dispensary customers can purchase one ounce (28.5 grams) of flower per day and up to eight grams of concentrates and manufactured products (including edibles, oils, extracts and other products) per day.

A medical patient can purchase up to eight ounces of cannabis flower per day. 

Flore Dispensary San Francisco follows all California laws and prohibits purchasing more than the allotted amount.

Does Flore Dispensary Castro deliver?

While our shopping experience is currently only offered at our dispensary location in The Castro in San Francisco, we have plans to add delivery (on a bike) very soon! Stay tuned on social media and our website to learn when weed delivery near you will be available for San Francisco. The main neighborhoods we serve include The Castro, Mission, Hayes Valley, Soma and Haight-Ashbury.

How much are the taxes for cannabis products at Flore Dispensary Castro?

The state of California and local cities place a few different taxes on legal cannabis. When you walk into Flore Dispensary Castro, expect to pay the taxes outlined below in addition to the price you see.

Here is a breakdown of current cannabis taxes for Recreational (adult-use) dispensary customers: 

  • State excise tax for cannabis: 15%
  • State sales tax: 6% in San Francisco
  • San Francisco cannabis sales tax: 8% in San Francisco

Here is a breakdown of current cannabis taxes for Medical Cannabis Patients:


  • Patients with a medical marijuana ID card (MMIC) or doctor’s recommendation save on some of the taxes above. This is a little confusing. Here are the details:
  • All patients pay state excise tax (15%).
  • Patients with a MMIC do not pay state sales tax (9.5%-10.25%)
  • Patients with a doctor’s recommendation (but no MMIC) pay state sales tax (9.5%). Depending on the city, medical patients may pay a reduced or no city cannabis sales tax.

Why does your menu look like it does?

At Flore, you’ll find some of the best weed in the world. This is because we work with master legacy growers and family farms with decades of experience out of the famed Humboldt, California. Our flower starts at $18 per gram and varies based on location and quantity. Since we pride ourselves in curating the best selection of weed products, we’ve made it a point to carry a wide array of items to suit every customer that walks through our doors. If cannabis flower isn’t what you’re looking for, our staff will warmly walk you through our concentrates, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and topicals. We also stock some of the best products that reflect the latest trends in the industry, like THC-infused beverages.

For those searching for alternatives to THC, Flore carries a variety of CBD products including concentrates, drinks, edibles, flower, pre-rolls and more. We don’t stop there – we also provide CBD wellness products, pet products and a collection of accessories. No matter what you’re looking for, you can count on Flore to provide the best quality cannabis products offered in California. Whether you’re just visiting San Francisco or you’re a longtime local, stop by Flore to buy cannabis sourced from trustworthy growers and makers with decades of experience.

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