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The Mac 1 strain, short for “Miracle Alien Cookies,” is a strain to try when you’re looking for a bit of get up and go, but what exactly makes it tick?

Mac 1 Strain Genetics

Mac 1 is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a relatively balanced experience. This strain crosses Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. However, there are claims that it may be a crosse between Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter or Miracle Alien Cookies x Starfighter x Colombian.

Mac 1 Appearance and Fragrance

Mac 1 flower is notable for just how many trichomes are densely packed on its surface. The frosty coating is so thick on Mac 1 that it easily catches the light and produces a shimmering appearance. On the flower itself, look for deep greens and purples, along with burnt orange pistils dotting the landscape of the bud.

Mac 1 is smooth and creamy, on the nose providing a pleasant and sweet scent. It also offers underlying notes of pungent diesel and gas.

Mac 1 Cannabinoid Profile

The typical THC content in Mac 1 ranges from 20% to 25%. This range changes depending on the environment in which the flower was grown. CBG also crops up in notable levels, typically around 1%.

While it’s relatively potent, this strain shouldn’t be too overwhelming, even if you don’t have a ton of experience with cannabis. If you know you can’t handle a ton of THC, though, Mac 1 may be a strain to try with caution.

Mac 1 Strain Terpene Profile

Mac 1 tends to be a limonene-dominant strain, likely where it derives some of its energizing and mood-boosting effects. It also contains a lot of beta-caryophyllene, pinene, and a significant amount of myrcene. This terpene combination is relatively common in the cannabis world, but in Mac 1, they come together to provide something exceptional.

Growing Mac 1

You’re not likely to find Mac 1 in a typical home grower’s assortment because this strain is quite rare. It’s widely considered difficult to grow. This strain is probably best left to the experts.

How Does The Mac 1 Strain Make You Feel?

Expect a burst of energy from Mac 1 and euphoric feelings that create a sense of bliss. But keep in mind that no two strain experiences are exactly the same. You might experience

Like any strain, Mac 1 has some side effects if you consume too much, so always start with the lowest possible amount needed to achieve the feeling you’re after. Over-indulging in Mac 1 could result in feelings of anxiety and dizziness. Fortunately, these side effects should pass quickly, so if you begin to feel uncomfortable, just take some time for yourself and allow them to wane.

Strains Similar to Mac 1

Can’t find Mac 1, or just want a change of pace? There are plenty of strains that offer similar effects with their own unique flavors.

  • Orange Soda: This strain is somewhat less potent but could be good if you like the pep-in-your-step vibes of Mac 1 but prefer something a bit more subdued. This myrcene-dominant strain is great for a laid-back evening of hanging out.
  • Headband: Much like Mac 1, except its caryophyllene-dominant terpene profile may offer added pain relief for consumers managing discomfort, aches, and pains. Its energizing effects and mood-boosting qualities are all the more pleasant if this strain helps you put pain in the rearview mirror.
  • Strawberries and Cream: This is a dessert-like strain like Mac 1 that provides a similar experience and potency with a taste and aroma. If you enjoy sampling different terpene profiles and taking note of flavors, Strawberries and Cream is a must-try.

Shop Mac 1 at Flore

If you’re shopping for Mac 1 cannabis products and want the best quality available in the Bay Area, stop by Flore and check out our selection. Our dispensary, located in the heart of San Francisco, is dedicated to sourcing only sungrown cannabis from farms in and around Humboldt County, the legendary home of the Golden State’s best weed. We have eighths of Mac 1 flower available — stop by our shop seven days a week to try it out for yourself!


Is Mac 1 a Strong Strain?

Mac 1 is a moderately potent strain that reaches up to 25% THC content, which makes it fairly strong. Proceed with caution if you have low tolerance, but this strain shouldn’t be too overwhelming for most others.

Is Mac 1 Sativa or Indica?

Mac 1 is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Is Mac 1 Good for Sleep?

Mac 1 isn’t good for sleep because it’s more likely to cause a serious energy boost. While it won’t keep you awake all night if you consume in the evening, it’s probably best to avoid Mac 1 right before you lay your head down to sleep.

Terrance Alan

Terrance Alan has over 25 years in government advocacy creating both the San Francisco entertainment commission and the cannabis taskforce. He is co-president of the Castro merchant’s and co-chair of CMAC and C2K, both working on cannabis consumption. He designed, constructed and opened a boutique dispensary in the Castro District of San Francisco called Flore dispensary featuring carefully curated cannabis selections with an emphasis on small Humboldt far grown cannabis, social justice brands, equity brands, women owned brands and operates a compassion distribution program with Sweetleaf Joe.

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