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Get ready to embark on an inspired 420 journey with our exceptional array of high-quality cannabis products. We’re bringing you unparalleled 420 deals on all your essentials for an extra lifted experience – from the most organic flower and craft vapes to tasty edibles, convenient prerolls, and potent concentrates. Elevate your spirit and immerse yourself in the ultimate creative vibe with us!

Our consciously curated 420 product selection is designed to resonate with your individual tastes and budget. Keep in mind that these 420 deals and discounts won’t last forever, so be sure to grab these golden opportunities to enhance your experience at unbeatable prices before they’re gone! To stay connected, join our email list and be among the first to receive updates on these exclusive offers.

Prepare to ride the wave of savings on all your favorite 420 products as you embrace the laid-back, creative spirit of this holiday!

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View our current deals by going to our deals page and clicking on April 20th, 2024!


What is 4/20?

4/20 is the high holiday of herbal appreciation, the day the entire planet lights up in honor of our favorite leafy friend, cannabis. It’s like Christmas for the cannabis community, but instead of presents, you get puff, puff, pass.

How did 4/20 start?

Flashback to 1971, Northern California. A band of high schoolers called the Waldos gets their hands on a treasure map (yes, really) leading to a hidden cannabis crop. Their meeting time? 4:20 PM. They never found the crop, but they sparked a cultural blaze that’s still burning bright today.

Who invented 4/20?

The Waldos are the OGs of 4/20. This group of high school adventurers coined the term, turning their failed treasure hunt into a global phenomenon. Hats off to these pioneers who basically crafted the coolest excuse to celebrate cannabis annually.

Where can I get 4/20 dispensary deals and discounts?

Flore Dispensary! We roll out the green carpet on 4/20 with deals that are too hot to handle. It’s when we go all out to win your hearts (and lungs), with discounts on buds, edibles, tinctures, you name it.

When is 4/20?

Every year, April 20th is the day we all unite under a cloud of smoke. It’s not just a date; it’s a state of mind. So, mark your calendars, rally your friends, and get ready to celebrate the most anticipated day in cannabis culture.

Terrance Alan

Terrance Alan has over 25 years in government advocacy creating both the San Francisco entertainment commission and the cannabis taskforce. He is co-president of the Castro merchant’s and co-chair of CMAC and C2K, both working on cannabis consumption. He designed, constructed and opened a boutique dispensary in the Castro District of San Francisco called Flore dispensary featuring carefully curated cannabis selections with an emphasis on small Humboldt far grown cannabis, social justice brands, equity brands, women owned brands and operates a compassion distribution program with Sweetleaf Joe.

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