At Flore, wellness is more than just a word. It’s a commitment to our community. Flore is, first and foremost, a compassionate cannabis dispensary. Every farm we work with donates a portion of its cannabis crop so we can provide cannabis to medical patients for little to no cost. But wellness is about more than just weed. Cannabis topicals, tinctures, and capsules are fantastic products with beneficial effects that improve human wellness. Flore is proud to offer a diverse wellness menu that includes them all.


Cannabis topicals are applied directly to the skin to provide localized relief without smoking or ingesting marijuana. They combine cannabis oil with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. Combining the two oils helps the cannabis-infused oil penetrate the skin. Cannabis topicals treat a wide variety of conditions, including: Joint and muscle pain Arthritis Eczema Inflammation Menstrual cramps and more. Flore carries a variety of cannabis-infused lotions, sprays, salves, transdermal patches, roll-ons, balms, oils, and creams. Visit Flore today, and let us help you find the perfect topical for your symptoms!


Cannabis tinctures are made by soaking cannabis in alcohol. This process dissolves the cannabinoid and terpene-rich trichomes in the alcohol, and the solution is refined to remove the plant matter. What remains is mixed with a carrier for consumption, such as MCT oil. There are full-spectrum tinctures with THC and CBD and THC and CBD-only tinctures. Tinctures are one of the oldest methods to consume cannabis, but they remain one of the best. They’re convenient, discreet and provide the benefits of cannabis with no smoke, vapor, or smell. Tinctures are also dosed with an eye-dropper for precise control, they’re portable and can be stored for a long time without spoiling. Tinctures offer effective treatment for: -Pain -Inflammation -Anxiety -Insomnia and many other conditions. At Flore, we’re proud to offer everyone access to the therapeutic power of tinctures. If you’re looking for the entourage effect, try Max, Care by Designs 1:1 tincture with 1000 mg THC and 1,000 mg CBD per bottle. High-dose THC tinctures are also a great option for many medical patients and cannabis users with a tolerance for THC. If you’re looking for a new way to explore the benefits of cannabis, find it at Flore!

Capsules, Pills, and Tablets

Cannabis capsules are the unsung hero of weed. They’re odorless, smokeless, cost-effective, and portable. They can be vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free. They also come in different cannabinoid profiles and measured doses. Capsules are cannabis perfection in a grab-and-go bottle! High THC capsules are an excellent solution for cannabis users with a high tolerance and for high-dose medical patients. For the microdoser, low-dose THC capsules are just the thing. And for that daily cannabis user that prefers to be discrete, capsules let you fly sky-high and under the radar simultaneously. What kind of capsule are you looking for? Level Protab’s Lights Out is great for insomnia. For pain relief and recovery, there’s Level Protab Recover, with 10 mg THCa, 10 mg CBDa, 5 mg CBG, and 3 mg CBC to help you rest and carry on. At Flore, we always have what you’re looking for. Visit us whenever you’re in San Francisco, and don't forget that you can always use our website’s search filters to browse our online menu and order for convenient pickup!