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Tune your experience.

LEVEL invites you to tune your experience with a fine line of custom cannabis products. LEVEL’s mission is to empower customers with expertly crafted cannabis products of the highest quality. The LEVEL team honors the integrity of the cannabis plant, offering extractions without any added chemicals. LEVEL’s team is proud of the trust they’ve built with their customers through consistent and reliable products --allowing patrons access to the same relieving and euphoric experiences every time. Discover new levels of wellness with LEVEL’s premium, unadulterated, exotic blends of cannabis oils.


LEVEL founders, David and Chris, came together and combined their scientific expertise to create a cannabis brand unlike any other. David has a background in engineering and has been a longstanding cannabis advocate. Over the years he’s turned to cannabis as a means to medicate and channel reflection, finding relief and wisdom in the sweet leaf. Chris has a Ph.D. in Molecular Chemistry, and, while completing postdoctoral education at Stanford, decided to move to Humboldt to live on a cannabis farm. While there, he was incredibly inspired by the majesty of cannabis. He desired to combine his knowledge of science with this experience in nature.

Custom Cannabis

David and Chris worked together to make their vision come alive. Their goal was to create cannabis products that served as a toolkit for enhancing the quality of life. The pair understood that each human endocannabinoid system is as unique as the individuals themselves and embraced the mission of creating custom cannabis. They were proud to launch LEVEL in 2015, debuting to the world cannabis products to tune their experience.


LEVEL’s founders believe that no matter who you are, there is a cannabinoid and terpene combination that will work synergistically with your body’s endocannabinoid system.


LEVEL’s line of classic cartridges is an ensemble of cannabis blends along the Indica and Sativa spectrum. Command your attention with Spark. This is LEVEL’s most potent Sativa, crafted from Jack Herer flowers that pack focusing and energizing effects in every puff. Reach for the stars with LEVEL’s High cartridge, an oil that enhances reality and perfectly balances energy and chill. Enjoy a few moments of introspection or deeply engage with whatever is on the big screen with LEVEL’s Float cartridge. Or slip into a trance of elation and calm with Dissolve, a robust Indica that melts stress and soothes tension.


Harmonic Blends tap into the interplay of CBD and THC, combining pleasure with therapy. Remedy kicks anxiety to the curb. This oil mainly contains Cannabidiol and provides the therapeutic support to take you out of your head and into your body. Feel like your best self with LEVEL’s Uplift cartridge, this even balance of THC and CBD provides serenity for both body and mind. Steal the show with a few puffs of Radiance. This oil provides the perspective-enhancing experience of THC with a touch of CBD to keep you down to earth.

Explore the LEVEL menu to find your road to wellness and euphoria. All LEVEL oils are available in traditional 510 thread and PAX cartridges.


“Distinction is created from passion.”

LEVEL begins with the highest quality cannabis flowers sourced from organic, outdoor gardens. Those buds’ cannabinoids are extracted with a distillation process that ensures the purest, cleanest cannabis oils. Then, the pristine oils are reintroduced to cannabis-derived terpenes of the source strain, for an authentic vaping experience. LEVEL scientists adhere to consistent lab practices to guarantee each product provides the same experience every time.

Lab Testing

LEVEL is proud to offer cannabis products that are lab tested by Anresco Laboratories. LEVEL products are screened for over 300 different types of pesticides in an FDA grade lab, as well as cannabinoid content, and residual solvents.

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