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Royal Budline

Royal Budline is a Humboldt County brand representing the highest quality award winning flowers and products. We offer premium sun grown flowers along with mixed light and indoor. We also offer concentrates, topicals and clones.  


2nd Place winner at the 2015 Emerald Cup in Northern California for our Chai salve.

  • 5th Place winner 2015 Emerald Cup for Loopy Fruit flowers.
  • Placed at 2016 Golden Tarp Awards for Loopy Fruit flowers.
  • Placed at 2017 Golden Tarp Awards with Tangimal Cookies and Lemon Tree.
  • 3rd Place Indoor Indica at 2017 Humboldt Country Cup with Zkittles.
  • 2nd Place Light Dip Flower at 2017 Emerald Cup with Tangie Select.
  • 13th Place Full Season at 2017 Emerald Cup with Zkittles.
  • 2nd Place at The Grow Off California 2018 for Potency and 3rd for Flavor

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