Edibles are cool, but did you know you can drink your weed? Well, you can. Cannabis-infused beverages are here to stay as the hip new way to consume cannabis. From THC-infused seltzers to tropical Mai Tai canna mocktails ( is that a word?), Flore has a cannabis drink that you're guaranteed to fall in love with. Does a Bubba Kush-infused root beer from Keef Cola sound good? How about a crisp and fizzy grapefruit hibiscus seltzer from Wunder or a hoppy seltzer collab from Lauginitus and ABX? No matter what you like, we got you. Still on the fence? Well, hop off and come check out Flore’s selection of THC-infused beverages and see what all the hype is about!

Cannabis Drinks for Every Occasion

If you’re looking for a delicious way to consume THC or CBD, cannabis drinks are a great option. With so many amazing flavors and brands to choose from, it’s plain to see people are putting out their joints and raising a glass. Cannabis beverages are also a healthier alternative to alcohol. Unwind with one after work or at that Sunday BBQ and wake up fresh instead of hungover. Versatility is another big reason cannabis drinks have become the new “it” thing. Mix them with sparkling water, drink them on the rocks, or just take a shot. Either way, there’s no smoke, ash, odor, or mess!

Explore Weed-infused Beverages with Flore

One of the most interesting things about cannabis beverages is that the body metabolizes them in two ways. While the drink is in your mouth, it’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream like a tincture for rapid onset. After swallowing, the drink is metabolized in the digestive tract like an edible for delayed onset. This staggers the effects and makes drinks more gentle. Cannabis beverages also offer more control than other methods because you don’t have to take the whole dose at the same time. You can sip a drink as slowly as you like, which can help you gently ease into whatever feeling you’re shooting for. No wonder cannabis beverages are so popular! Flore carries all the best cannabis drinks from all the best brands in California. Drop by Fore today and let us help you drink your weed!