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Founded in beautiful Boulder Colorado – Keef Cola has been offering cannabis infused soda since 2010. Named “Best Edible” at the 2015 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup – Keef Cola is made with the highest quality CO2 cannabis extract oil and pure cane sugar. Available in 10mg and 100mg Medical.

Back in 2010, Boulder, Colorado-based Erik Knutson, with the help of family and friends, set his sights on creating a new way to experience the simple pleasure of enjoying a drink with friends: drinkable cannabis.

Inspired by the notion of combining the fun, social, celebratory experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis, Erik mixed up an early batch of “Keef Cola” and placed a prototype in front of his beloved Grandma Dee. (Because if an 85-year-old woman who’s never smoked cannabis in her life loves it, then they might just be onto something.) Dee opened the bottle and took a sip. And then another. That day, Keef was born.

A decade later, Keef has grown from a small Colorado cannabis-infused beverage company to a much-awarded brand - developing, manufacturing, and distributing cannabis and CBD-infused products across seven US states. Keef products include multiple lines of popular beverage options, as well CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. Keef products are currently available at thousands of licensed dispensaries and delivery services across Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Keef continues to be at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis product development and education.

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