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Flore Dispensary

The story of Flore Dispensary and the cannabis we sell starts with the small-batch legacy farms still thriving in Humboldt County, California. 

In today’s legalized cannabis landscape, family farms are in danger of extinction, which is why our dispensary has put emphasis on sourcing cannabis to help keep their traditions and expertise alive.

The farms we partner with not only grow cannabis with incredible quality, but they also possess a pioneering attitude towards their environmental impact. With regenerative farming techniques like regrowing organic materials and using “good bugs” to combat the bad, they’re improving the Humboldt’s land quality and changing the way we consider ethical sungrown cannabis.

In addition to their trailblazing nature, partner farms demonstrate philanthropy of their own by donating to Flore’s compassionate cannabis program which benefits hundreds of San Francisco medical patients each year. 

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