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Gourmet cannabis infused marshmallows handcrafted in San Francisco. Mellows was born from founder Stephanie Hua's desire to create a beautiful, delicious, low-dose edible that is pure delight from the moment you pick up a box, to the first taste, to the mellow feeling imparted.


We eat with our eyes first. Presentation matters to us. So much love and care go into making these handcrafted marshmallows — the packaging and the experience of opening a box of Mellows reflects that. Mellows are special. They are a gift from us to you.


Flavor matters. It is important to us that Mellows taste as good as they look. We love to play in the kitchen and have a lot of fun dreaming up marshmallow flavors that satisfy and spark joy.


We’re all about giving you options. Our 5 mg pieces allow someone with a lower tolerance, or someone who prefers to microdose, to enjoy an entire piece without worrying about splitting it. Or, if your tolerance is higher, you can easily consume more than one piece. (They are so tasty you will want to!). The gentle dosage lets you really dial in your dosage to find your personal sweet spot. From the canna-curious to the experienced microdoser, Mellows allow you to dabble, enjoy responsibly, and have a great experience.

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