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Humboldt Sugar Co.

Hi! We’re Jessica & Cara — two friends with an appetite for baking, nature, and cannabis.

We LOVE Humboldt County

For generations, Humboldt has been at the forefront of California’s cannabis movement. We are doing our part to keep that tradition strong, by supporting local farmers and crafting a unique product that is easy to enjoy. As longtime residents of Humboldt County, we believe in our community and are proud of our partnerships in the cannabis industry. Creating quality products that continue to lift the reputation of our county, state, and thriving cannabis commerce.

We LIVE in the Moment and Look Ahead to the Future

We are adventurous hard-working moms, focused on making the most out of every day. We believe that when you pair an open mind with great instincts, magic happens. We love new experiences, road trips, making up new recipes, spontaneous river swimming, brainstorming great ideas, and most of all, intentionally building an inclusive, supportive community in our corner of the globe.

We BELIEVE Cannabis has an Important Place in our Evolving Society

The world is changing fast, and Humboldt Sugar Co exists to highlight the positive benefits of the marijuana plant and lifestyle. The copious findings of health studies support that cannabis promotes health and wellness in numerous ways. Our experience and expertise has shown us personally how cannabis is a tool to help get the most out of life - to amplify exactly how sweet it is.

We Remain TRUE to Our Purpose

As a female-led business built by two friends, we inspire ourselves and others to thrive. We are focused on creating high quality, minimally processed sugar products infused with premium regionally sourced Humboldt cannabis. From the high standards of the ingredients we use to the reusable materials of our packaging, we create and manufacture products that maintain respect for the environment, our communities and the world around us. It’s been a long road, but with the unwavering support of our families and community, we’ve made it happen. With all sincerity, we are so excited to finally share the sweetness of the Humboldt Sugar Co. with you.


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