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C.A.M. (California Artisinal Medicine)

Here at CAM, compassion is one of our core values and a guiding principle in everything we do. We believe in the healing power of cannabis, and our mission to make this plant available to as many people as possible, at the highest quality possible. That means a dedication to providing premium quality cannabis and ensuring that our delivery service always puts the customer first. At CAM, we continually strive to create an experience that matches the level of care and quality we put into every step of the process.

We envision a world in which cannabis and other natural homeopathic therapies are readily accessible and socially supported. We strive for a time when it is legally protected and regulated in a manner consistent with the highest standard of care. And where those who use, produce, and distribute this medicine are free from legal, social, and political sanctions.

This year, the country seems finally ready to address medicinal marijuana and the lack of availability for those in need. As this continues to move forward, may we each take responsibility for our individual, collective, and environmental health while honoring the diversity of the world around us and each other. Because consensus empowers the individual and the community, that’s why we utilize consensus-based decision-making in our organization. To respect and honor the talented individuals who have joined us in this mission.

The work we do at California Artisanal Medicine (CAM) and the services we provide are a reflection of our core value: Compassion. We provide cannabis and other natural therapies to individuals in need because we believe this is a vital alternative to allopathic medicine’s potentially harmful tools. Cannabis provides essential and effective relief for persons living with critical and chronic illnesses, and it has also shown positive effects on multiple harm reduction therapies. We are proud to serve as a working model in the ongoing search for alternative solutions.

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