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Brothers Mark

Brothers Mark was founded and is operated by United States Military Veterans. The founders of Brothers Mark believe in supporting our nation's veterans long after they are discharged from the service. 

 The Brothers Mark team believes in safe access to medicinal cannabis to all those who seek it. We aim to provide clean, quality, and affordable products to our military veterans and those who support them. Today the scientific community is finding that cannabis has many medicinal properties, and that's how we view it, as a medicine.

 Brothers Mark is not made just for military veterans, it’s there for anyone who may suffer from PTSD, anxiety, arthritis, sleepnesses, traumatic accident victims, etc. Military veterans face extreme situations sometimes, especially on deployment to hostile areas. Brothers Mark intends on providing a healthy alternative to live a balanced life to deal with those intense life experiences. We also see the value in the occasional smoke session to enjoy some quality cannabis at the end of a hard day at work day or a relaxing weekend treat.

 Brothers Mark strives to provide jobs for our veterans. It can be very difficult to find your place in the world after serving in the military. With Brothers Mark, we have a mission and purpose to employ veterans and provide the cannabis community with clean, high quality and affordable access to cannabis.

Comradery is extremely important to anyone who has served in the armed forces. It is very hard to find and replicate in the civilian world. Brothers Mark is committed to creating a solid team environment that works together, has each other’s back, and goes that extra step to ensure the team is successful.  

 Brothers Mark supports the Veterans Cannabis Group, an advocacy and support group whose primary mission is to; “Advocate and support the medicinal use of cannabis to treat the symptoms of combat related PTSD for our nation’s veterans.” 

 Similar to the military, the cannabis community is a family of brothers and sisters. We are working together as a family and community to pioneer this new industry. Putting down roots and building family heritage.

 Brothers and Sisters making their Mark!

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